Welcome to Azureient

Azureient Corporation is a new, yet old company in a sense. Our story is one that is unique, having it’s origin in an unlikely place.

I bought this domain that was a unique name, and thought, someday, something great will emerge from it” says Founder and CEO CJ Fernandes. “I was unsure what it would be, but I thought, why not“. The domain name was actually put into a few brief life-cycles that included ┬áreal estate and online education, before being pulled. We just didn’t know what to do with a great name like ours.

The all changed about two years ago, when Azureient was a parking spot on the web. “I tried my hand a BPO services offshore with not much success, so I wanted to bring this operation to a different level.” continued Fernandes. And that is what he did. In 2017, Azureient Corporation was born and built into a three service company: contact center support, client consulting, and enterprise technology. All three of the future drivers for the businesses of tomorrow.

The company began to slowly take from the experiences of its Founder and his jobs previous in the industry. These included credit counseling, sales/reservations, benefits administration, and virtual. From consumer to business clientele, this experience has been the foundation of the beginning in what we have to offer.

What makes Azureient different is that we are carving our own path in the BPO industry. We are not focused on just one type of organization, but several. We want to do more than just take calls and push paperwork. We want to work with our clients, help them solve their organizational gaps, and we want to build the tools and resources to make operations effective and efficient for everyone. The key to our success is not how many agents we have or the brand names of our clients; instead, it is how our talented team has been able to partner with our clients, and drive results that build long lasting relationships.” says Fernandes.

At Azureient, that is what we do. We are building our team of dynamic consultants and business leaders who will help clients across the globe on various levels, all with our goal and vision in mind. We are the leaders in the future of business. We are Azureient.

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