The Future of BPO in America

I have worked in call centers for over 10 years across various industries. The landscaped has changed drastically in those years, but I reflect back on my previous experiences to gain insight to the future of call centers and BPO services in America. The industry itself has gotten a bad rapport in the past for offshoring services, but there is a new element of the future in this that I wanted to express my thoughts on.

Offshore or Onshore

For those who are not familiar with the terminology, offshoring is where a service is moved to a location that is not native to the originator of services. For example, ABC Company with its HQ in Atlanta move its call center from Atlanta to Chennai India. Onshoring is where ABC Company moves its call center from Atlanta to Colorado Springs. The service stays in the USA, but a different location.

Benefits of Offshoring

  • Offshoring is cheaper all around in wages, benefits, office space, and equipment to run operations. In fact, it can sometimes be up half the cost;
  • Most agents in offshore facilities speak English or the desired language fairly well;
  • This cost savings can be used for other business needs.

Benefits of Onshoring

  • Services are delivered in native English or desired language;
  • Agents have more connection in sharing a regional or national system;
  • Customers respond better to onshore services.

Which Option Is For My Organization

Your company has lots to consider when looking at either services. Many factors, including the ones provided above, play a major role in the decision. We always advise our clients to look at these and determine what type of response and service level is important to their overall operations. While costs can certainly be a big factor, we always want to consider how investing wisely in BPO services can actually save time and money for many organizations.

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