Selling Your Business to Azureient

Selling your business can be a daunting task. In fact, the market is saturated with over two million businesses for sale, and not many buyers. The reason why buyers often have a hard time acquiring a business is because of finances. Business loans are almost impossible through banks, SBA loans are also strict on credit requirements, and investors are very particular in who and what they invest in.

Azureient uses a different approach. We don’t seek business owners, they seek us. This creates a unique method in which we can work one-on-one with business owners, understand their needs, and find common ground in considering the offer and terms. We don’t use brokers or sales people. We look at businesses and people, decide what we can bring to the company, and then make a decision on moving forward or not.

Why would a business owner wish to use this? There are a few reasons that such an option maybe viable to business sellers. These include:

  • Business is not selling
  • Owner is not looking to pay large taxes from lump sum payment
  • Lack of buyers or interest in the business
  • Concern of business going under or closing if it doesn’t sell
  • Personal or emotional attachment to business and wanting it in good hands

Whatever your situation may be, Azureient is here to help you. We are not just a corporation that acquires companies, but a company that cares about our acquisitions and their performance.

Our Process

Initial Contact

Contact us with your relevant business information. Include an honest statement as to why you are selling. It helps us help you.

Due Diligence

We carry out our own due diligence to make sure your business meets our focus. Confidentiality is guaranteed, but not all businesses make the cut.

Offer & Closing

We provide an offer and terms upon due diligence completion, and move to closing. Hassle free and streamlined.

Resources for Sellers


Click on the links below to access our resource guides for various topics related to selling your company.


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