Azureient Prepares for First Offering

Azureient Corporation, a Colorado corporation founded in 2018, has just announced its initial filing under Regulation D 506c for its first round Offering to accredited investors and institutions. This Offering marks the official launch of the company into the investor world, where little is known about the organization which is still in its early stages of building a new executive team and taking on a Chief Investment Officer. President and CEO CJ Fernandes provided the following statement:

“It is an exciting time for our company as we move towards building a more formidable management team and attract investors into our vision and mission. What makes us unique from other similar organizations is going to be our drive for success as the business world is changing. We are not simply hiring folks for the need, but rather what they will bring to us and our stakeholders at all levels; internally and externally.

As President and CEO, I am prepared to take this challenge. It is rare for a holding company to simply startup and launch into success, this I know is my own hill to climb. When investors see how committed we are, and the pride we take into our work ethic at Azureient, we are sure they will see first hand the future of investing into our organization and what that will mean for the lives we positively impact through our acquisitions and holdings.”

The company is currently seeking our candidates for the role of Chief Financial Officer and Chief Investment Officer, both positions to be based out of its future New York City office. There are plans to hire a Chief Operations Officer in its Colorado location, along with support staff and teams for both locations. The company estimates approximately 25-50 new jobs between both locations in the next year.

The company has not yet released its Private Placement Memorandum, which is expected to be made available to investors in the next week. Interested parties may contact the company at