Our Business Process Outsourcing (also known as BPO) services are the most comprehensive solutions we provide at Azureient. We utilize a combination of solutions that are designed to help meet the needs for clients who require such options as:

  • Call Center & Support Agents
  • Document Processing
  • Back-end Support


Call Center Solutions

Our call center solution is a comprehensive service that provides clients with live, email, and web chat support agents to handle employees, vendors, customers, and other client end-users. Our agents are specially trained for various solutions and incorporate our clients organizational culture while maintaining our own unique identity.

Services we do handle in our centers includes:

  • Inbound Customer Service (retail, online, employee, vendors)
  • Inbound Tech/Service Support (client products, Azureient products)
  • Custom Solutions

There are a few services we do not engage with that include the following:

  • Outbound/cold call sales
  • Telemarketing
  • Debt collections/financial counseling
  • Any services related to adult entertainment
  • Any services which require licensing of agents (insurance agents, stock brokers, etc)


Document Processing Solutions

Our Document Processing service enables clients to handle mailing receipt and delivery for clients. We accept, mail, and process these documents and transmit them to the appropriate client contact or department. These services include:

  • Outgoing mail to client targets (employees, customers, vendors, etc)
  • Receipt of mail from client targets
  • Scan/upload/email/fax (inbound & outbound) of client document and mailings


Support Services

Our Support Services provides back-end support for client’s needing data entry, client research, and other administrative clerical services. We assemble teams that work to ensure quality, accuracy, and timely delivery with client satisfaction.


Delivery of Our Services

We recognize that each client has a different need and budget, which is exactly why we have designed our services to be delivered in two options; offshoring and onshoring. The same quality is expected and delivered from both options, so client preference and needs play a major role in their choice.

Offshoring– Delivering a company function to a facility located outside the organization’s country or region.

Onhosring– Delivering a company function to a facility inside the organization’s country or region.


Getting Started

Interested organizations should contact our Client Specialists who will compile your organizational needs and place you in touch with a Client Manager/Consultant. We will walk you through the steps to your organization’s solution and how we can help. At Azureient, you can exceptional service, whether you are a startup or aged organization.