Our Approach

As an investment holdings company, we focus on industries that have proven track records of success. These industries have been identified as the following of interest:

  • Real Estate (Hospitality and Commercial)
  • Infrastructure Enterprises
  • Enterprise Technology
  • Entertainment & Media
  • Gaming and Social Technology


Real Estate

Azureient invests into real estate projects in the hospitality and commercial fields. These two areas are major players in the real estate market with a market share of over 10 billion worldwide. Our outlook is in the development, acquisition of existing facilities, and redevelopment of properties in these two fields.

We also invest into residential developments in certain areas which are new single family homes, historic income-producing properties, and low-income housing.



Infrastructure is the backbone of every community across the world. It can change entire communities, from urban to rural, in very positive and lucrative ways. Our investment focus is in the acquisition, development, and redevelopment of utilities including water/sewer and broadband communications.


Enterprise Technology

Enterprise Technologies are changing the way we do business every day. Advancements in this field have made it easier to manage company functions while saving time and resources for businesses across the globe. We recognize that this is the future of business technology and aim to source those ideas and models that have the potential for growth and keeping up with changing business world.


Entertainment & Media

We recognize the multibillion dollar entertainment industry can be a lucrative investment. What we want to build is a growing entertainment and media division that builds on the latest technology in the industry. This includes movies, recording, production, internet based productions, and related content.


Gaming and Social Technology

In the 21st century, gaming and social technology are becoming major industries across the globe. Many companies have successful track records that span this industry such as Facebook, Epic Games, Sony, and Microsoft to name a few. We want to invest into companies and ideas that have the next big breakthrough in the industry and are innovative enough to be successful in this fast paced world.