Our Industry Focus

We seek a diverse range of industries to include into our business acquisitions. Our goal is to develop a well rounded portfolio of companies that fit into our mission, vision, and objectives.

Digital Media & Advertising

Businesses that fit into our focus include branding, advertising firms, PR firms, websites, video, and other web-based media services.


We invest into hospitality companies and properties as well as commercial office, entertainment, and retail developments.

Enterprise Technology

Focusing on enterprise technology across various industry fields including hospitality, entertainment, advertising, and business outsourcing.


We acquire companies in the growing entertainment and media division. This includes film production, recordings, social gaming, and mobile gaming apps.

Business Process Automation/BPO

Business Process Automation & BPO services providing various services to clients seeking to expand customer service, sales, and employee management.


We acquire interest in transportation providers and distribution center based businesses keeping goods flowing across the globe.

We also consider other industries on a case by case basis. These include manufacturing, financial/FinTech, business services, and innovative emerging industries of tomorrow.