Stock Information

Total Shares: 250,000,000
Shares Outstanding: 139,000,000

Company Facts

Founded: 2018
HQ: Colorado & NYC
Subsidiaries: 2
Founder: CJ Fernandes

Azureient Corporation is a Colorado based company that focuses on the acquisition and growth of mid cap companies across the globe. We have a unique system in place that enables us to acquire, merge, redevelop, and grow subsidiaries to create a network of revenue streaming companies. Since our portfolio is very diverse, we try to focus in our core areas of interest; we will, however, often will engage in other industries for the right opportunities. Our company not only invests in other businesses, but we also acquire income-producing assets adding value to our business.

Why Invest In Azureient

Azureient is a company on the rise. We have developed a unique core business model that allows us to run with smaller overhead and use our subsidiary holdings to enable us to grow and succeed. Our investments are diverse and driven by results in various industries. As a company, we are rooted deep in our strive to excel at everything we do.

We are building a team that is driven by determination, results, and creating value for our investors. When you invest with Azureient, you are not just investing in a company, but a network of organizations that work together under one umbrella. Azureient is more than just a holding company; we are the driving force in the business world of tomorrow.

First Offering Announced

Azureient Corporation has just announced its first Offering to accredited investors will be rolling out the week of July 15th. This Offering is made under Regulation D, Rule 506c. Investors must meet the SEC guidelines for being an accredited investor. If you are unsure that you meet these guidelines, please visit SEC website for the latest bulletin. The Private Placement Memorandum will also include additional information as well for investors, including a questionnaire that must be submitted.

More information will be available as we roll out our Offering to the public. Additional information will also be posted to help potential investors learn more about our organization and what we plan to accomplish.