Investing With Azureient

Investing with Azureient creates value for any investor or equity firm that is looking to create value in their portfolio. We believe in our objectives of creating a diversified portfolio of holdings that add a value of return for investors with no effort on their part. The best way to make money is to put that money to work.

That is exactly what we do at Azureient. We work across a wide field of industries in creating a solid group of holdings that is designed to achieve the best returns for investments, while becoming a driving force in the business world. This is why we have created various programs and methods for acquiring companies of all stages without taking on the role of a private equity firm or capital holding group. We are not in the business of creating funds, but helping those funds achieve financial success through our success.


Investing into Azureient is a pretty straightforward process. Our investment relations team works directly with our investors to provide the latest information on our company and performance.

We invest into the following:

  • Equity in wholly owned, majority owned, and partial owned subsidiaries
  • Stocks, bonds, and mutual funds
  • Interest bearing notes
  • Other instruments that create value in our company

How We Accomplish Our Business Acquisitions

We acquire our holdings through strategic vetting process that works to the advantage of all parties involved. Every company we acquire any interest into goes through due diligence that includes looking at financials, revenue vs expenses, operational & marketing strategies, and the team in place.

Those businesses that do not meet our requirements are not just thrown to the wind. If the business plan is solid or there is a weak area that needs to be focused on, we can work with owners to help. These special situations are considered on a case by case basis.

Distressed Businesses

Distressed businesses are those which are under-performing in their respective market and need assistance. These types of businesses do not necessarily need a capital injection, but rather could benefit from professional management services. At Azureient, we recognize the telltale signs of such companies and can work with business owners to create a plan of action that will work to address those needs.

We work to ensure confidentiality as many times some business owners are just reluctant to ask for help for various reasons; personal or otherwise. That is where we step in and are here to assist.

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