At Azureient, we look to invest into our own created and acquired subsidiaries in our industries of interest. These industries include:

  • Hospitality (Hotel management and development)
  • Enterprise Technology
  • Infrastructure (Utilities- energy, water, broadband)
  • Entertainment & Media
  • Gaming & Social Technology
  • Real Estate (Commercial and Small Residential Developments)


We do not actively solicit outside organizations for offers. Instead, we develop our own internal organizational management that allows us to develop, acquire, and grow these companies. We create value in our holdings, which enables us to continue to grow as a holding company.



For Investors- Please visit our Investor Relations page to learn more.

For Entrepreneurs or JV Partners- If you are interested in working with us, please visit our Entrepreneur Resources page to see if you are a good fit for our organization.


Please do not submit Non-Disclosure Agreements or business plans if they contain sensitive materials. We do not sign these types of agreements and cannot consider them for potential projects. Any information sent to us unsolicited will not be returned. We also do not accept requests for funding directly.